The Ash Heap of History, Piled Higher

Not to paint with too broad of a brush, but it seems that in most corners of the world the US has favored stability and it’s evil step-cousin, autocracy, over democracy. Not that stability is a higher goal, but that it serves us well immediately. Democracy is inefficient and messy and isn’t very easy to control.

There are no guarantees that there will be stronger US ties with the next government in Syria or Libya or Egypt, but I’d say that in most of these cases, the people on the street look to the US and the West for their inspiration. We may be going through tough times here in the US, but it’s comforting to know that our ideals are spreading out throughout the world and causing illegitimate regimes to fall.

And all this online technology that has brought real free information into Middle Easterners’ lives has come from free nations. Eventually the people of the those nations will have to look around and say, WTF? Why do we supply the world its oil and live in poverty while our kings live in palaces? We want to be like those people who buy our gas and make phones!

The US has a real balancing act to perform, again. It does remind one of the ’90s. . . I Recall that Bush 41 was very careful not to crow about the falling of the Eastern European and Soviet regimes, even though it would have done him very well politically. . . Obama may be treading the same path. Tricky stuff.

You know the people of the Middle East don’t want a big religious war with the West, they just want to live quiet, dignified lives. All the Al Qaeda crap that has dominated the news over the last decade is ready to take its place on the top of the historic ash heap.


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