No, Let’s Not Change Anything. . .

Guest Contribution from a Concerned Citizen

My wife, who comes from Japan, was involved in a serious head-on collision with a truck while riding her scooter. She woke up in the hospital with a busted-up face, missing teeth, shattered shoulder, cracked ribs. She had to go through numerous surgeries, months and months of rehab. She got good medical in Tokyo, the bill was affordable, and she lives today.

If this happened in America, we would have to get attorneys, fight it out in court, wait years for a decision, they would log-roll and stall. If it was me, we’d lose the house.

Screw anybody that says decent medical is anything other than a good thing. To hell with anybody who barks from his suburban driveway he never even stepped out of. Why does America, which is supposed to be number one, have one of the highest infant mortality rates of any first world country? We’re behind so many supposedly backward nations. I have friends in Canada, and the care they get just as a matter of course is astounding. When I got some kinda Pink-Eye shit last year, it cost me a month down and $400. Ridiculous. My Canadian friend staying with me said it would have been a $30 clinic fee.

It’s disgusting how this idiotic, ignorant underclass has bought such a line of horseshit. These people would rather stick with their own party line and vote against their own fellow citizens rather than support initiatives that would improve the health of our nation. Pathetic.


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